Question: What are valuable courses under Indian College of Photography (ICP) ?

Answer: We have following courses on offer. Click on them to know more about each.

  1. Diploma in Photography

  2. Fast Track Diploma in Photography

  3. Pro Fashion Photographer

  4. Foundation of Photography

  5. DSLR Cinematography

  6. Diploma in DSLR Filmmaking

  7. Specialization in Wedding Photography

Question: Should I do a long term or short term Course?

Answer: Well, We have successfully trained various amateur as well as Professionals in less than 8 weeks. So we would recommend a course of 3 to 4 months if you are very sure about your choice about industry and your particular interest in any chosen field of photography. If you are a student who has enough time to master all skills, ranging from Photography to Cinematography and then post production, we would certainly recommend you to join a long term course.

Question: Would you offer Placements/Internship?

Answer: Of course we have tied up with many corporate and In-house opportunities, if you find them suitable; you are most welcome to join.

Question: How would you be providing students exposure to various streams?

Answer: Well, We have been associating with Delhi University and other Event management companies to provide you professional exposure on field where you would also receive your certificates. We have been working on projects where you could join to get maximum exposure. We make sure you show us all the pictures during the course and we would be evaluating your performance in every class so that you know your level of skill and build further confidence.

Question: I am not sure about myself ?

Answer: We have come across many students and find them in deep confusion and non-clarity over their careers in the field of Photography and that is obvious, because there are no case studies and enough data in support to what is been happening around the globe. We would recommend you to come and meet our counsellor and ask your questions before you make your mind and feel free to ask specific or general questions.

Question: Can I join a basic course and then upgrade to other advance modules?

Answer: Why not. We would recommend you if you are not sure, just start by joining our basic course and if you feel more interest, you can always upgrade to advance.

Question:What language do we teach in ?

English & Hindi, both.

Question:How do I enroll ?

It’s simple. Give us a call at +91 9650176206 and our team will help you with the process.

Question:Will I get a certificate and any samples of my work?

Yes. Not only you get a certification by “Indian College of Photography”, but you also get sample pictures and work done during the course so that you can showcase your talent. Please be noted that you have to use the company logo when you are sharing your work online, anywhere.

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