Diploma in Photography

One Year or  Fast-Track in Six Months : Professional Diploma in Photography

Best Diploma Photography Fast best studio Internship Delhi Ncr
Photography Course Delhi Beginners

Bonus Module : Cinematography (Adobe Premiere Pro Included)

Duration Six Months

*Two Bonus Modules Cinematography & Adobe Premiere Pro

Photography is the most sought after creative profession across the world & this Diploma exposes the Photography Aspirants to Various Genre of Photography like Street, Fashion, Wedding, Candid, Portrait, Product, Landscape and Architectural. This is high action packed course where you would be taught from absolute basics to most advance concepts. You would be exposed to Basics, Foundation, Advance & Professional level concepts with exposure to Studio lighting so that you can start taking assignments after finishing this course. You are provided with additional workshops in Fashion, Product, Street, Candid, and Portrait Photography to build your portfolio. Additionally students would be taught post processing softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom & Camera raw. Along with photography, you would be additionally, taught in Cinematography as well as Video Editing.

What after the Course ?

There is no doubt that opportunities are all time HIGH in the field of Photography and editing but SKILLED MANPOWER is definitely an issue in INDIA. TWFS & DIFM are two photography schools which are committed to bring best of the talent form national & International Faculties so that you learn World Class Photography skills for Future. There is no other single course in the INDIAN market which can prepare for you such variety of job profile and hence better chances of getting Assignments & Jobs.

After Successful completion of this course : You can find Jobs & Assignments as

  1. Event Photographer in Event Management Companies.

  2. Fashion Photographer in Advertising  Agencies.

  3. Independent Fashion Photography Company.

  4. Freelance Product Photographer.

  5. Candid Wedding Photographer as Freelancer.

  6. Independent Wedding Photography Company.

  7. Still Editor in a Company.

  8. Freelancer Still Editor.

  9. Wedding Still Editor & Album Designer.

  10. Cinematographer for Corporate Shoots.

  11. Cinematographer for Wedding Shoots.

  12. Cinematic Video Editor.

  13. Video Editor.

  14. You can open your Studio or Production House.

Course Structure
Basics of Photography
Camera Lenses & applications
Framing & Composition
Strobe V/s Speedlite
Studio Lighting & Techniques
Fashion Shoot with International Models
Wedding Candid Photography
Pre Wedding Shoot
Basic of DSLR Video
Cinematography Basics and Fundamentals
Practical use of Sliders, Gimbals & Monopod
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW
Adobe Premiere Pro
Diploma Project

Detailed Course Content

  • What is Photography

  • Types of Digital Camera

  • Digital Camera understanding

  • Camera Components and concepts

  • Understanding Digital Image Sensor

  • Camera Parts and accessories

  • Right posture & techniques for photography

  • Kit lenses V/s Other Lenses

  • Dynamic Range

  • Native ISO/ Base ISO/Amplified ISO

  • Autofocus Points & Cross Type Autofocus Points

  • Pixel Area

  • Color Depth

  • Image Stabilisation

  • Exposure Triangle

  • Overexposure Vs Underexposure

  • What are Details in a Photograph

  • What is Bokeh : Synthetic & Gaussian

  • What are technical & Creative skills

  • Subject, Background & Foreground

  • What is Depth Of field

  • Deep depth of field

  • Shallow depth of field

  • Aperture

  • Autofocus, Manual Focus and Focal Length

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

  • Exposure

  • Different Sensor Sizes Comparisons

  • Angle of View & Image Plane

  • Image Plane

  • Crop Sensor V/s Fill Frame Sensor

  • How to select right camera for Job

  • DSLR Camera : Mirror V/s Mirrorless

  • Creative Fun Techniques

  • Motion Blur

  • Panning

  • Light Painting

  • Long Exposure Photography

  • HDR Photography

  • High Speed Photography

  • Camera Modes

  • Manual Mode

  • Aperture Priority

  • Shutter Priority

  • Program Mode

  • Non Creative Modes

  • Autofocus modes

  • One-Shot AF (Canon) / AF-S (Nikon)

  • AI Servo AF (Canon) / AF-C (Nikon

  • AI Focus AF (Canon) / AF-A (Nikon)

  • How to Install Lenses on Canon, Nikon & Sony

  • Lens Filters

  • UV & ND Filters

  • Lens Hood

  • Cameras Lenses and Selection Criteria

  • How to Read Lens Information

  • Cheat sheet to read any Camera Model & Lenses

  • Types of lenses

  • Prime Lenses

  • Wide Angle Lenses

  • Fish Eye Lens

  • Telephoto Lenses

  • Zoom Lenses

  • Telephoto Zoom Lenses

  • Macro Lenses

  • Creative perspective in weddings through lenses

  • Popular Lenses in Wedding As well Fashion Photogrpahy

  • Framing and Composition

  • Rules of third

  • Selective focus and depth of field

  • Background selection

  • Fill the frame

  • Leaving space

  • Dead Space

  • Active space

  • Head Space

  • Natural Frames

  • Leading lines

  • Tripod and accessories

  • Monopod

  • Lense adapters

  • Light Stand & umbrella bracket

  • Diffuser and Reflectors (see through Umbrellas and reflected surface)

  • Memory cards

  • Batteries & Charger

  • Card reader / HDD (usb 3.0)

  • DSLR Camera bag

  • Metering modes

  • Matrix or Zone Metering

  • Center Weighted Metering

  • Spot Metering

  • Partial Metering

  • Exposure Compensation

  • Exposure Bracketing

  • How to Read a Histogram

  • RGB Histogram

  • Highlights and Burn Out Highlights / Overexposure

  • Shadows & Underexposure

  • Midtones and Details

  • What is White Balance

  • Color Wheel Example

  • How to get Right Skin tones & Colors

  • Color Temperature

  • Warm V/s Cool Colors

  • How to Correct White balance

  • Choosing right White balance preset

  • Custom White balance

  • Adjustment of Kelvin Scale to get right white balance

  • What is Camera Raw File

  • RAW V/s JPEG

  • Lighting Basics and Fundamentals

  • Light Sources

  • Natural Light Sources and Manipulation

  • Photography in Favor & Against the sun

  • Silhouette Photography

Hard Light V/s Soft Light

  • Diffused V/s Non Diffused Lighting

  • How to achieve Soft Light

  • Golden Hour Rule

  • Three Lighting Setup

  • Key or main Light

  • Fill Light

  • Back Light

  • Rim Lighting

  • Fashion Lighting Basics & Techniques

  • Single Lighting Setup

  • Split Lighting Hard V/s Soft Variation

  • Rembrandt Lighting

  • Butterfly Lighting

  • Loop Lighting

  • Mid Length Lighting Setup

  • Full Length Lighting Setup

  • Use of Reflector & Diffuser

  • Use of Light Modifiers

  • Soft Box

  • Strip Box

  • Beauty Dish

  • Octabox

  • Snoot

  • Background Reflector

  • Strobes

  • Different makes and Comparisons

  • Functions of Elinchrom FRX 400

  • How to set up a Studio on Budget

  • Backdrops

  • Speedlite

  • Speedlite in Weddings

  • Speedlite for different results

  • Manual V/s TTL Flashes

  • Functions of Speedlite

    DSLR for Videos

    1. Introduction to DSLR camera and their contribution to weddings cinematography

    2. How to select right camera for your event

    3. Traditional Video camera VS DSLR

    4. Limitations of DSLR

    5. Advantage of DSLR for video over other camera

    6. What is a truly Cinematic look for wedding videos

    7. Workflow of creating stunning Cinematic Wedding videos

    8. Best video setting for wedding videos

    Cinematography Basics and Shots compositions

    1. Capturing Emotions and story!

    2. Rule of Thirds

    3. 180 degree rule

    4. Mid, Wide, Long, close, OS shot types

    5. Significance of different types of shots.

    6. How to decide the composition for videos ?

    7. Depth of field and its application

    Essential Gears for Pro Wedding Cinematography

    1. How to bring cinematic motion in your shots?

    2. Stabilization through Tripod and Monopod

    3. Adding beautiful motion by Sliders & Steadicam

    4. Tips and Tricks of bringing motion by Tripod and Monopod

    5. How to focus while moving the camera?

    6. Taking fast shooting decisions in sudden situations

    7. Find right spot to start capturing Videos

    8. How to capture keeping “edit” in Mind

    9. Developing the perspective

    Lighting For Cinematic Video

    1. How to take advantage of ambient light in Weddings

    2. How to prepare for a darker area and camera settings

    3. Use and selection of right Video Lights

    4. Use of LED lights for Pro video

    5. Make sure what to capture

    Editing Cinematic Video – Work flow – Module one

    1. Tips on data management

    2. Technical aspects of different memory cards

    3. Hard disks and data transfer

    4. Onsite editing

    5. How to start a new project in Adobe Premiere pro

    6. Directory structure

    7. Setting the time line

    8. Importing all relevant data

    9. Introduction to editing panel

    10. Working with Video Files

    11. Editing tools in Adobe Premiere pro

    Editing Cinematic Video – Work flow – Module Two

    1. Adding the background score

    2. How to edit slow motion, fast motion and Jump cuts

    3. Essential Video Effects for the cinematic look

    4. Learning the Video transition

    5. Learning the Sound effects and Transitions

    6. Importing pictures from Adobe Photoshop

    7. Making stunning titles for presentation

    8. Integration with Photoshop to build splendid Titles.

    9. Editing Videos via Keyframes

    10. Color correction

    11. Exporting final video with best settings

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